USAID Grant for Agricultural Development

Authored and awarded USAID grant to fund Women’s Committee agricultural project in rural Paraguay

View full grant text here

  1. Project Type: Grant application to USAID to fund women’s agricultural development project
  2. Client: Women’s Commission Barrio Unido
  3. Project date: 2013
  4. Your role: Conducted a needs assessment with the women’s commission to determine which project to prioritize, project budget, and potential funding sources. Interviewed, translated from Guarani, and revised commission’s responses to grant questions.
  5. Project Summary/About this Project: The above sample is the first question of a USAID grant which I wrote for a Women’s Commission in rural Paraguay. The client wanted startup funding for organic vegetable horticultural supplies to provide women a new, local source of income and nutrition.
  6. Results: USAID awarded 100% funding for this grant which supported 60 beneficiaries and promoted women’s economic development when they began to sell produce locally.
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