Sample Newsletter

Selected to compose all parent newsletters for room 110 parents
  1. Project Type: Newsletter
  2. Client: Selma Maisel Nursery School, Greenwich CT
  3. Project date: 2019-2020
  4. Your role: Interview co-teachers about activities in the past two weeks and compose a newsletter to send to parents for Montessori-style program .
  5. Project Summary/About this Project: The assistant director of the preschool requested that I take over the newsletter when I joined the staff. She wanted letters that were informational but warm, show-cased preschool activities, and were no longer than a page. In the past staff had not been able to write in a manner that fit the brand or had neglected the task entirely.
  6. Results: After taking over the newsletter, parents were better informed about upcoming events and excited about student activities. Senior staff no longer received complaints about (lack of) content in newsletters.
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